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CNN: How I ended abstinence-only sex education in my school

When the Amnion representatives visited my school, they went even further. They spent over an hour telling us that having sex would ruin us for our future spouses and warning us against the "steep slope of arousal." Because, didn't you hear, hand-holding and kissing are simply stepping stones to sex, and we all but lack self-control.

INQUIRER: Delco school district stops faith-based group from teaching sex-ed classes

The Wallingford-Swarthmore School District agreed with a Strath Haven High School senior who complained that her health class sex-ed lecture from a faith-based pregnancy center was not factually accurate, and said it would no longer invite the organization to speak at the high school.

INQUIRER: Sex-ed class revelations jolt Delco school board

A 17-year-old jolted the Wallingford-Swarthmore School District last month when she told the school board that a nearby faith-based crisis pregnancy center had been invited to her health class, saying that it offered medically inaccurate information, exaggerated the dangers of sex, and offered a Bible to a girl who stayed after class.

Abby McElroy, a 17-year-old rising senior at Strath Haven High School in the Philadelphia suburb of Wallingford, Pennsylvania, is also a rising activist (and why wouldn't she be, she's step-daughter to our own Adam Bonin). She rocked her district's school board last month when she informed them that a local faith-based crisis pregnancy center, Amnion Pregnancy Center, had been invited into her health class to "teach" a sex ed segment.

DELCO TIMES: Wallingford-Swarthmore gives crisis pregnancy center the boot

The decision to make changes occurred after rising senior Abigail McElroy addressed the board in late July and raised concerns about talks by staff from the Amnion Pregnancy Center in Drexel Hill that she described as “biased, harmful and shameful.”